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Art With No Boundaries Online Magazine Volume 5

Special Notice: June 2013 Due to a serious illness in my family, I have found it necessary to look more closely at the things that are important to me, how I do things and also the time I spend online. With that said, it is with much sadness that I announce that the Art With No Boundaries Ezine is closing. Although I will leave this blog intact and you will still be able to view past issues and enjoy all the great projects and tutorials listed here, there will be no new issues forthcoming. I have enjoyed the magazine and the friends I have made here and although I will continue to share my art on the web I will be doing so a little differently and in a way that allows me the most freedom to devote time to my family and still enjoy my art.

I will continue to maintain and keep open my CS Designs online store and my personal creative blog Doodle Pieces.  When time allows, I will continue to write tutorials and create inspirational in depth projects similar to what I created for the Ezine, but there will be no deadlines and any projects and tutorials I create will now be posted on my Doodle Pieces. 

If you have enjoyed the magazine and would like to continue to  visiting me and keep up with what I create, please go to my Doodle Pieces blog and become a follower.  There are lots of projects I had intended for future issues of the Ezine that I will now be sharing in future post on my Doodle Pieces. Just some of the things in the works and planned for upcoming projects are: Themed Shadowboxes, Altered Tins, Jars and Lids, Gaming Pieces, Art Dolls, Mini Closets, Curio Cases, Painted Backgrounds, More Handmade Books, Jewellery, charms and altered elements, and of course as always lots of Recycling Ideas.

 In closing I would like to say thank you to everyone who shared their fantastic work here as a Guest Artist and also everyone that came to visit and left such wonderful comments. I appreciated both your friendship and the time you shared with me.

Winners for the April Share Your Art: As a parting gift, everyone that took the time to share their projects in the Share your Art in the April issue will be receiving the Sentiment offered as a Prize. There are some last minute things that I need to do for a smooth transition between the Ezine and my Doodle Pieces which will take a few days, but you will be receiving an email from me with your prize in the next week or so.

If you are new to this blog,  and would like to read some of the past issues, you will find them all through the table of contents below.

Final Note: In an attempt to utilize my time more wisely and give me more time for my online friends, I will also be going through the list of blogs I myself follow and I will be weeding out those that have chosen not to reciprocate by following my Doodle Pieces. If you have not yet become a follower please visit it through the link below.

Thank you everyone, it was a pleasure :) Chris / CS Designs

April  2013 ... Hope Everyone had a Great Easter! and is Enjoying a Wonderful Spring. :)

A Letter from the Editor:
I hope everyone enjoyed the book theme of our March issue. This month there is also a bit of a theme throughout but this time I have focused on Slide mounts.

A friend who I enjoy spending time creating with, has been  going through her old photo slides and weeding out the ones she no longer wants to keep.

  Instead of throwing them out when she was done, she though of me. Isn't that wonderful and I am so pleased to have something new or old depending on how you look at it to play with and alter.

Although I have made my own slide mounts from plain cardstock in the past,  I have never altered real ones so this was definitely a whole new experience for me and also a bit of a challenge. I've included all the how tos in the how tos and hope you will enjoy seeing what I created with them.

 This month we also have to fantastic Guest Artists.

Returning in this issue is Elenor Sandstrom who's beautiful projects have been gracing the pages of precious issues and I am very pleased to say also joining us this month is the very talented Annie Gilmour. I love the imagination and artistic style of both these wonderful ladies and it was a pleasure working with them and sure you are going to love what they are sharing with you in this issue.

As always I look forward to reading your comments and having you share your projects in the Interactive Zone.  Come in, get comfy, make yourself at home and enjoy your visit.
 :) Chris / CS Designs  ...

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Special April Guest Artist Annie Gilmour.
Special  March Guest Artist Elenor Sandstrom
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 We have two winners for the March 2013 issue Congratulations! Janiel & Deonna
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Thank You Everyone, :)
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