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Thank You for the Memories and Friendhsip

Today we would like to announce that both our Art With No Boundaries and our Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent challenges are closing. We have had alot of fun with these and would like to thank all of you for the wonderful inspiration and friendship you have shared with us. Although this seems like it should be rather a sad occasion, it is actually a very happy and exciting one. Just like the caterpillar who turns into a beautiful butterfly and takes flight, our Art With No Boundaries is evolving into something new and we hope very wonderful. Starting next month Art With No Boundaries will become an online Magazine / Ezine for Papercrafters, and Collage and Mixed Media Artists. We have some great things planned for you and hope all of you will continue to follow us and visit us often. Our Primer / First issue will go on line December 1st. You will be able to read more about this throughout the month on our personal blogs. We will be taking both project submissions and applications for Guest Artists and Contributors and hope you will consider sharing your art with us once again.

We are working on our current issue of our Ezine in private and there are no sneak peeks yet.

Our featured Entries for October: Art With No Boundaries is going out with a bang and for our final challenge we had 131 entries, not too bad for a challenge blog that really has not been on the web all that long. Like always the projects everyone shared with us this month were all wonderful and we found it very hard to select just a few to showcase on our sidebar, so instead we have decided that everyone deserves this honor and we have posted the Inlinks widget with all the projects we received for our last challenge directly below so that everyone can continue to visit your blogs. Thank you for the memories and we look forward to many more with you and hope you will all join us in our new adventure.
Thank you, you have made this so much fun for us … Chris and the Team

Here is something for you to keep track of the days left until our new Ezine goes on line.


  1. I wish you and your DT Chris all the best in your new endeavour! Very awesome and talented artists! Looking forward to the online magazine! Always a follower, am I!

    Wishes From A Broad

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you're closing your challenges, but very excited about the new adventure. Let's face it, you're one of the most beautiful teams out there! Best to you all. And yes, weren't all the projects gorgeous! Thanks you :)

  3. Wishing you all the best... will be anxiously awaiting new developments!

  4. Dear Chris sorry to see your present format go but happy for you that you are entering a new and exciting phase. Wishing you the warmest good wishes for a successful and wonderful future. Vee xx

  5. good luck with the new venture, i look forward to reading the first issue. x


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