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A Bit of Sparkle Magnet

By Chris Stern / CS Designs

I love magnets, not only can they be pretty to look at but they can be useful for keeping track of all sorts of things including important evens such as appointments when pinned to something like a fridge or filling cabinet. 

I created the little magnet on the left from a piece of Plexiglas which I received on something a while back. It already had some glitter on it so it was an easy alteration. It had some sort of sticker on it which was not really all that appealing so I   decided it needed a bit of a face lift, pardon the pun. I used the sweet little face from my soon to be released Simply Irritable Collection. I think it looks rather angelic and fits in with the holidays. The grey circle around the face was punched from a recycled greeting card. Then all it took to finish it off was hot gluing a magnet on the back.
Although I used the Plexiglas for this, anything could be used as a base to create something like this. Mat board is quite thick on it's own and can even be reinforced by gluing two pieces together to give it more thickness. I love the 3d effect so I reinforce many of my pieces like this. It is an especially useful technique for things such as inchies or even embellishments where you want a little height or want the element to be fairly sturdy. The face on the magnet actually has 4 layers of card-stock under it and although it doesn't show much in the photo, it makes it sand out a bit when seen in real life.

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  1. Adorable! that face is just precious. Might be useful to have links to the stamps you've used in the mag. xxD

  2. Love this, very whimsical. Great idea

  3. I also love magnets this one is great. xx

  4. Wonderful magnet, maybe I can do that as last minute gifts for x.mas! =)
    Hugs, Elenor


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