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Art an Inch at a time

Pretty much everyone in the Paper Arts world knows what Inchies, Betwinchies, Twinchies, Trinchies and Rinchies are, but for those of you that are new to these, they are miniature pieces of art. These tiny canvases can be square or round and are based on one inch increments and sometimes even in between.

 I first discovered Inchies back in 2007 and even time hasn't diminished their appeal for me.

They can be created in any artistic style and in any medium including paint, collages, sewing and stitching, doodling etc.
They basic materials for creating them is also only limited by your immigration or what you have at hand and this can include such things as paper any kind, fabric, wood, felt, metal and pretty much anything at your disposal that is tiny enough to fit within the small dimensions. They are also a great way to use your scraps that are too small to use for anything else.
Inchies ... 1" x 1" squares
Twinchies ... 2" x 2"
 Trinchies ... 3" x 3"squares
 Rinchies ... 1" x 1" rounds

Besides the more popular sizes above I have also heard of Betwinchies which are 1 1/2" x 1  1/2"  I have not tried these because they are an odd size and do not have a punch that will work for these.

Although these tiny pieces can be admired and appreciated just on their own and many people collect them just the way they are, they can also be taken to a whole new level and used in many ways and incorporated in to larger pieces.

You probably noticed that this is part one and in the next issue we will continue to explore the possibilities of using these tiny masterpieces.

Part 2 will be all about creating larger pieces with Inchies.

Digital Stamp Designs Used for these projects:
Asian and Japanese Montage digital stamps
Traditional Asian Geisha Domino digital stamp

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  1. Love the versatility of this idea. anything miniature appeals to me. Rinchies are new to me. LOL Fabulous! xxD

  2. Never used these myself but love your oriental set. Beautiful

  3. Have always been interested in these, but never done any, will be looking forward to your next article on them, and get a few pointers. I also love your oriental set. xxx

  4. Gorgeous inchies you have made, haven't done many of these, might give it a try! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  5. Beautiful little art pieces! I've got to try them.


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