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Art With No Boundaries Interactive Section

There are lots of advantages to having a magazine on line besides being able to create larger pages and one of those advantages is that new content can be added even after the magazine has already gone live. I have added this section which I hope will not only allow me to add new things for you to enjoy throughout the month but also open up lots of possibilities for you my readers to interact with and participate in the Art With No Boundaries Ezine.

In the Interactive Zone of the Art With No Boundaries Ezine, you can add your projects for a chance to win a prize and occasionally even play some fun games.

I want this to be a place where you can come, relax, be inspired and have fun and on the next couple of page I have added a few surprises which I hope everyone will enjoy participating in. If you like the idea of taking part in the Ezine, be sure to leave me a comment so I will know if it is worthwhile making this a regular feature in all upcoming issues.

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  1. I truly enjoyed your premier issue and look forward to the next. Very inspiring. Thank you for the email and lovely gift sentiment. xxD

  2. Congratulations for this first issue, what a huge amount of work!! I had a very pleasant time reading all the articles and i would like to tell you some very good points i found in this issue .
    - One thing i found nice, (among many others) is that you accept submissions from readers, and not only from customers .
    - The interactive section is a very interesting idea, and i realy think it could bring fun and liveliness to the Ezine.Plus, it's an excellent way to make readers come regularly and check what's going on.Perhaps it could be interesting to ask your readers to suggest ideas for this section?
    - About the articles, all were very clearly written and the presentation was pleasant (except the white background is a little "cold" according to me).
    - Most projects presented were doable even by beginners and have been well choosen because most could become last minute gifts.
    As a conclusion, i wish a long life to this new Ezine wich promises to be a great place for Mixed Media fans!
    All my best.


Thank you for stopping bye and for taking the time to leave me a comment. :) Chris / CS Designs