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Endless Possibilities of Digital Stamps

By Chris Stern ...

Digital stamps have may advantages over regular rubber stamps. Unlike rubber stamps where the stamp you purchase comes in one size which limits what you can do with it, digital stamps can be re-sized to accommodate all kinds of art projects from cards, art journals, scrap booking pages, tag art to inchies just to name a few. Digital stamps can also be reversed or colored in graphic software such as Gimp which is a free open source graphic application. Being able to change the color of a digital stamp is particularly useful for things such as sentiments when you want to color coordinate all the elements of a project.

Digital stamps like regular rubber stamps can be used on any color and type of paper from cardstock to text weight paper and even printed on per-printed paper. The type and thickness is only limited by the capability of your printer. Depending on what kind of printer you have the ink may even be permanent and smear proof.

Recently, I created a new line of digital stamps named Digital Engravings, which is a series of original and eclectic backgrounds. When I started to play with them myself, I found that they had more uses than I had originally thought.

I did wonder about the amount of ink it would take to print out regular full sheets, so I decided to  try a few experiments. I took some of my digital backgrounds which regularly come in sizes double the size of a full 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper and copied and pasted them into my word processor for printing. I re-sized the backgrounds to 2.75 “ x 3.7” which would be about the size of an ATC with a little bit of room  to spare for trimming neatly.  At this size the pattern on the backgrounds all looked pretty much like the original with very little distortion that I could see in the pattern itself. I then took the same backgrounds and re-sized  them to 2.20" x 2.20" which would work for both inchies and twinchies, because there was more of a difference in the width to length ratio, there was more of a noticeable difference in the shape of some patterns especially ones that had more round shapes in them but on the whole, it was not anything that I considered bothersome. Below are some examples of how the re-sized 2.20" squares looked.

 Something else I found I liked as much or even more than being able to re-size my digital stamp backgrounds is that it actually gave me so many different possibilities for how they looked. Below are 4 different effects, the first is the original black and while, negative of the original, a colored version and a negative of the colored version. The negative effect is rather a cool effect because it doesn’t turn out how you might think. I think most people would figure that when you have blue lines that creating a negative of it would give you a blue back ground with white lines similar to how the black and white works but this is not the case. Sometimes depending on what color you use to start with you could end up with purple, green, yellow or some other color. Other possibilities not shown here are printing on colored paper other than white, or printing on paper that already has some kind of pattern or mixed colors on it. Just when you think it couldn’t get much better there is also one more option you can use and that is to flip your design, this will also give a revers design which will look slightly different on your projects. While reverse images are not suitable for patterns that have text on them, it will pretty much work on everything else.

By now you have figured out that the ease in which you can manipulate digital stamps for your own personal, especially backgrounds is pretty cool and opens up alot of ways to be creative.

 I hope you found this mini tutorial useful. If you do  not have a graphic program that will allow you change the color of your digital stamps, you can download Gimp through the following link.

Below are also a few creations done with my re-sized and colored backgrounds.

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  1. I love digis for the reasons you mentioned but don't have many backgrounds. These are fabulous. I often change the color for a different look. Fabulous! xxD

  2. Simple ideas, great effects. Thanks

  3. I also love digis for all these reasons! These are fabulous backgrounds!

  4. Have to admit that I am becoming a big convert to digis - although I love rubber stamping, sometimes I just can't be bothered to get inky and digis really fit the bill and are so versatile. Cindy


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