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Endless Possibilities Digital Stamps Vol2

By Chris / CS Designs
In the last issue, I wrote a tutorial about the advantages of digital stamps over rubber. This time I am writing a little about different way to color those designs especially backgrounds that come only in black and white.

On the right  are some examples of some backgrounds from my new series called Digital Engravings. Having black and white backgrounds that you can add your own color to is great for color coordinated your projects. You can make them any color you want and use several methods to do it so you are not limited to having to use materials you don't have. I did a little experimenting and these are my findings. I print my designs on a laser printer and the mediums I used worked well with no real visible loss of quality in the inked design.

On  some paper, I tried one particular medium but on others I mixed several all of which made for interesting results.

Staring on the left:
1. the pink back ground is simply printed on dark pink cardstock.
2. background I used Prismacolor Pencils on some sections and then applied the direct to paper technique using pigment ink.
3. Pigment ink and direct to paper with white prismacolor pencil for a bit of white color resist.
4. White Pencil resist with direct to paper applied over it with pigment in and then the excess wiped off.
5. Light watercolor wash.
6 Watercolor pencils on just some circles, blended with water and a paper stump, then direct to paper applied over that.
7.  Sharpie markers on the diamonds ( green) Direct to paper over that)
8. Direct to paper
9  Direct to paper on yellow cardstock, with prismacolor added to just some of the circles
10 Prismacolor pencils with direct to paper over
11 Just printed on tan carstock
12 over: Just colored the hearts with red Sharpie marker.
13 Just plain black and white on white paper
14 Oil Pastel ... Quick and easy and love the various shades

A Close up:
On the left is a close up  of some of the techniques applied.

Although I tried quite  a few different mediums, there are many more I want to try later, just some that come to mind is pastel chalks, crayons, water soluble crayons, drawing ink and even charcoal.

I am sure there are many more possibilities that I have not though of trying. If you have any ideas be sure to leave me a comment and tell me what you think. :)

In the February issue I will include some projects made with these papers so be sure to come back and see what I've done with them.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing projects with these colourful papers

  2. Thanks for showing us the paper, it is really lovely and original.


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