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Hopes And Dreams for 2013

I created this page for you to share your Hopes and Dreams for the new Year. The Art With No Boundaries Ezine allows you to reply to eachother's comments so leave a comment, get to know eachother, start a conversation and have fun.

If you have  a creative question or something creative you are curious about this is also a good place to ask. Maybe we can figure it ot together or permanents I can even create a tutorial in an upcoming issue.

My Own Hopes and Dreams for 2013
This year, I am making alot of changes in my life both in what I do and how I do it. After two years of whirlwind on the web and dealing with the wishes of my design team I am finally taking more control over my own art and doing what makes me happy. I plan to spend more time with the people I love and also take more time to enjoy creating with my own designs. I never knew how much I actually missed that until I started creating projects for the Ezine. While putting together the Ezine is alot of work, it has also allowed me to be more creative and it is exciting for me to have tons of creative ideas rolling around my head.

I look forward to having you share your Hopes and Dreams here.

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