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Oil Pastels

By Chris / CS Designs

This is a continuation of the Tag Art tutorial on the previous page. If you came to this page through a page other than the Edgar Allan Poe Art Tag tutorial please be sure to visit it as well.

As a traditional artist I have experimented with all kinds of different paint media including oil pastels, but you do not have to be an artist to create some beautiful backgrounds with very little effort. You can easily have a huge pile of backgrounds in a very short amount of time. I'm talking minutes not hours.

Although you can get more elaborate and even accomplish backgrounds that look like marble, even the simplest oil pastels backgrounds can be quite beautiful and make excellent additions to your art projects.

The Three Basic Steps.
Color, Rub and Buff

Add Some Color to your Paper
   With your fingers rub blend the colors
  Rub off the excess with a used dryer sheet

There is no right or wrong way to do this. There is really no expertise required, you can just do what you like.
For the background on my tag, I added alot of color and just applied a Willy Nilly coverage. For the main image of of Edgar Allan Poe,  I used a much softer touch, almost no pressure at all, more like just a slight movement over the paper in different colors here and there. Oil Pastels are very rich and just a slight movement over the paper will give you some color.

This process can be use on any kind of paper and no matter the texture, as a matter of fact the more texture the paper has the cooler the effect.

In 2011 I created an Art Tag for my Daughter and I used the Oil Pastel technique. Instead of using smooth card-stock, I used card stock with noticeable ridges and the result was very different but very beautiful all the same.

I have added that tag  to to the bottom of this page, so you can see the comparison. I re-sized it a bit bigger than it was on my Doodle Pieces so you can see the wonderful effect the raised areas leave.

Arty Oil Pastel on Textures:
 If you think this texture is cool, just imagine how amazing something run through your Cuddlebug would be. I think that is going to be my next project as I have a ton of embossing folders.

If you like this tutorial leave me a comment and let me know. If you found this helpful and decided to start creating your own Oil Pastel backgrounds be sure to mention this tutorial when you post your work to your blog so that others can come and read it too, even better, show it off to everyone in the Interactive Section of this Ezine. There will be a Share Your Art section included in every issue, where you can share your own art with our readers.

If you create something fabulous and post it to your blog mentioning this tutorial  and be sure to leave me a comment here with a link to your project and I will come have a look too. :)

Materials List for Intuition Tag:
Art Expression Digital Stamp Design by CS Designs
Handmade Paper Beads
Hand Doodled Background
Purple Rhinestone  
To read more about my Intuition Art Tag 
and see what else I did to it an used visit the post on my Doodle Pieces blog.

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  1. Stunning backgrounds, I think i did something similar when I was younger but have totally forgotten about it! =)
    Thanks for the reminder!
    Hugs, Elenor

  2. I've been wanting to do my own backgrounds but a bit unsure how to start. Love the effect you've achieved with the oil pastels and great use of the used dryer sheet. xxD

  3. Might have to finds some oil pastels and give this a go. It's always great to be able to create unique backgrounds quickly

  4. Now I now how to use oil pastels. Thanks.


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