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Trash or Treasure

By Chris / CS Designs
I'm sure you've heard the saying One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure. Everyday, I claim my trash to  hopefully turn it into a treasure.

The photo on the left is a pile of odds and ends from left over art projects, foils from much enjoyed Chocolate Kisses, Left over cards and even wrapping paper left over from presents some one has sent either my Hubby or myself. Looking at it, I am sure it doesn't look like much, but with a little imagination Voila, something quite different.
Junk? Not so much:

I created the Art Trading Card on the right with some of the things shown in the photo above. The corners are left over from a Christmas card I up-cycled in another art project. If you read the December issue of the Art With No Boundaries Ezine, you will recognize the Traditional Modern Geisha from my tutorials about Inchies. I mentioned that there were other things that could be done with Inchies other than their original concept and using them as focal points in ATCs is just one of them. I will continue to add other possibilities for these tiny pieces in future issues.

How To's: The torn red piece on the left is from a present my Hubby got from a friend this year. He had the partially torn pieces sitting on the love seat next his recliner and I kept eying it, and thinking it looked quite fabulous. It simply says Wish in gold and black lettering and I can see using it for all kinds of fabulous things.  The big text on the light cream and golden yellow is the front of a card that really was not much more than text. This project is kind of simplistic for me, but it was fun trying to figure out what to do with that pile that keeps growing on one of my desks and which I refuse to throw away.
The postage shape was cut with a die that came with my Cuttlebug but one I really like and use it all the time. I added the black dots around the postage shape with a fine line Sharpie Pen.
Materials Used:
Traditional Asian Geisha Domino by CS Designs 
Postage Die from Cuttlebug
The usual cardstock, tools, glue and double-sided tape
Lots of Scrap Junk, :)

Look for more Inchie Art in the February Issue

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  1. Great recycling and it looks great together with the lovely geisha! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  2. That's lovely. I really liked the geisha in the first issue. I always keep scraps to but must really have a clean out. Maybe I'll find treasure.......

  3. What a clever girl you are, I through a lot of this stuff away, not any more, it is so well done I love it.


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