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Accordion Booklet A Love Story

By Kathleen Chabot
Giz, a little cat that can’t resist a mystery, loves Valentines Day because he believes love is in the greatest mystery of all. He recently met Mlle Pierrette, and hopes she’ll be his Valentine. He is searching for something special to give her, because she’s no ordinary cat. He’s found a beautiful heart shaped box. Now what to pu in it? Catnip? Everyone gives catnip.

Giz has a friend, Loreley of the sea. He rushed to her hidden cave near the seashore and calls her name three times. A face appears in the waves. It’s Loreley. Giz makes a request, the mermaid agrees. She disappears in the depths. Giz waits.
Loreley soon reappears with caviar to fill the gold box! She breathes on the treat and says, “Now it will stay fresh for your Valentine.”

Giz invites Mlle Pierrette for desert at his house on Valentine’s day and she accepts. Giz has Salmon cupcakes, topped with hearts made of minced lobster. When Mlle Pierrette opens the gift box, her blue eyes sparkle “Ah, Monsieur Giz, you know the way to a lady’s heart!” Giz’s cap almost  twirls off his head.

Accordion Booklet Instructions
My accordion booklet was made with two 3½” x 10½” strips of cardstock, both folded on the long side at 3½” and 7”, plus one 3½” x 7” strip, folded on the long side at 3½”. The last and first panel of each strip were attached to make one 21”-long panel.
For the front and back covers, I attached double-sided cardstock to two 4” square chipboard pieces.

CS Designs Giz, French Pierre, and Loreley Shells and Sand were water coloured.  I applied VersaMarker pen to Giz’ heart-shaped box and gold-embossed it. The bubbles in the Loreley panel are pearls. Loreley was printed twice, the sand and shells frame and the fish were cut out from one image and applied on top of the second, to give a bit of dimension. The French Pierre image was used to create Mlle. Pierrette (his twin sister?). She’s decorated with little “jewels” from my stash. The ribbon was added for closure of the booklet and glued to the front cover only.

About Me:
I’ve lived in Québec, QC, Canada since 1961. I came here from Oklahoma for a Masters degree in French, but met the man who became my husband and never completed the degree. We had two sons, now grown, the older of whom has two teen aged daughters.
I lost my husband to cancer in 1994.

I was trained as a classical music singer, and that, along with writing, are my talents. Rubber stamp images have allowed me to make up for the drawing talent I don’t have. I started creating cards and ATCs in 2005.

Then, sometime in 2007, I discovered Chris Stern’s digital stamps. I downloaded a Sample Kit, which contained some lovely designs for teabag folding. I liked the idea of being able to change the size of the “stamps”. I’ve since added quite a few CS Designs digital stamps to my collection.

It’s such an honour to be a guest in the February issue of Art With No Limits e-zine. When Chris sent me Giz to play with for this issue, I knew we could create great stories together. I hope you enjoy this one.
For more of Kathleen's wonderful work please visit her blog Musing +

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  1. Kathleen, this is gorgeous little booklet. With such cheerful colours.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

    1. Thanks so much for your encouraging comments, Desire.

  2. Hi Kathleen, This is just delightful, and I want to thank you for sharing your Giz Booklet it in this issue. You imagination never ceases to amaze me, and I always enjoy reading what you write. Such a wonderful story for Feb / Valentine's day and I look forward to seeing more Giz sagas in the future.

    It has been such a pleasure for me to finally get to work with you after all these years and I look forward to doing so again some time.
    :) Chris / CS Designs

    1. Thanks so much, Chris, for the chance to work on an issue of Art With No Boundaries e-zine. I felt like Cinderella invited to the Ball!

  3. Oh waht a fab Giz story... I LUV it :-) xx

  4. Fantastic story and great booklet you made, you have a wonderful imagination! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  5. Love your booklet. giz is fabulous.
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Thanks, everyone, for your encouraging comments.


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