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Art With No Boundaries Online Magazine Volume 3

 March 4th, Special Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the March issue will be delayed until March 11th.  I thank you for your patience, and hope you will come back on the 11th to enjoy more  great projects and tutorials. In the mean time, I hope you will enjoy looking at the February issue below as well as the January and December past issues which you can find listed in the Table of Contents.

February  2013  Vol 3 ... Enjoy the Love & Inspiration!!!

A Letter from the Editor:
I can't believe this is the third issue of the Art With No Boundaries Ezine already. The saying that time flies when you're having a good time seems to be very true and I am having so much fun with this Ezine.

I hope all of you are enjoying it as well and ready for another fantastic issue.  

 We had some Great Guest Artists last month as well as some fantastic projects and tutorials. If you missed that issue, you can still go back and enjoy every page as well as the December issue by clicking on the Past Issue link in the Table of Contents.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the various sections of the January issue. Thank you our wonderful guests and to those of you who shared the January Cover on your own blogs so that others can find us and come and enjoy the Ezine, this is a regular feature and hope you will continue to do so.
This month we have more great Guests as well as some dynamite projects and tutorials to inspire you.

This month love is in the air and we continue with a Valentine theme, but we have so much more in store for you.

As always I look forward to reading your comments and having you  I look forward to reading your comments and having you share your projects in the Interactive Zone.  Come in, get comfy and enjoy your visit.   :) Chris / CS Designs  ...

... Volume 3 Febuary Issue Table of Contents ...

This Month's Featured Articles

Special  February Guest Artist Margy Kieser
Special  February Guest Artist Elenor Sandstrom
Valentine Giz

Special  February Guest Artist Candy Geeter
How do I Love Thee Altered Heart Frame

Magnetizing Art Projects
Kitty Whiskers Fridge Magnet

Inchies, Twinchies and So on!
Future Project Asian Twinchie Art
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Thank You...  Elenor, Candy, Desire & Cheryl
for sharing your fantastic creations in this issue.

Thank You also to our wonderful  Participating Followers, your interaction in the magazine makes it so much more fun for all of us.

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Cover Art - Ionabunny and Margy
Show off Your Art Link Party  Cathy D

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  1. The new ezine for February is simply stunning, love all the art pieces and lot's of great inspiration here! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  2. Art With No Boundaries e-zine just gets better with each issue!


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