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Art With No Boundaries Online Magazine Volume 4

March  2013 ... Happy St. Patrick's Day

A Letter from the Editor:
Well the past several weeks have been quite eventful for me with some enjoyable experiences and some that were not so much.

First for the pleasant,  A Rotary Club near us recently had it's yearly huge secondhand book sale with paperbacks being only a dollar and hardbacks  2 dollars and such a great bargin.

Although my Hubby is an avid reader and always enjoys browsing for more books to add to his  ever growing library, I often do not find much of anything that fits my particular tastes. This time around however I was very pleased I went with him because I managed to find some very cool books which I will show you in the first part of this issue. Over all between Hubby and myself we managed to find over a $100.00 of the most wonderful 2nd hand books.

After such great finds, I decided that books would be a great theme for this issue of the Ezine and this issue includes some of my old favorite handmade books from past years as well as some new ones I made especially for this issue and also some beautiful wire and bejeweled bookmarks

Now for the not so pleasant occurrence. A couple of weeks ago I was re-organizing my art room and had a slight accident. It left me somewhat injured and definitely not in my best form for lots of creativity for a while and sorry to say that this issue is a little late in coming and not as full of wonderful projects as I had originally planned. Even so, I am feeling a bit better now, although not fully recovered yet and hope you will enjoy what I have included as well as the fabulous project by this month's solo Guest Artist, Elenor Sandstrom.

Some of our regulars, Candy, Kathleen and Judy decided to take a little break this time around but promised to return for future issues and I look forward to seeing more of their wonderful projects in the months to come. :)

As always I look forward to reading your comments and having you share your projects in the Interactive Zone.  Come in, get comfy, make yourself at home and enjoy your visit.   :) Chris / CS Designs  ...

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Thank You Everyone, :)
All your comments are important and appreciated and I love knowing you came to visit and also what you think about the Art With No Boundaries magazine so please be sure to leave me a comment or lots of comments as I do enjoy reading them.

Thank you also to Elenor, Candy, Kathleen, Judy and Margy for their wonderful contributions in the February issue and a special thanks to Elenor for the beautiful altered box she is sharing in this issue.

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