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Celestial Goddess Handmade Pamphlet Book

By Chris / CS Designs
These types of books are so easy and so much fun to create. They are cute little books that make great stocking suffers, little extras to include with much bigger presents or just as a way of cheering up a friend. They are well suited for pretty much any theme and I often leave the pages blank so that those receiving them can add what they want to them and make them their own.

The main focal point for this Book (Pamphlet) uses my Serene Celestial Goddess Montage Digital Stamp Design, which has been colored with Prismacolor Pencils and blended with Orderless Turpentine using Paper Stumps. This version of the pamphlet design is take on the slit pamphlet where one end of the pamphlet tucks into the the slit to hold it closed. With this version the pointed end tucks underneath one side of the main focal point.

The main focal point is held in place by gluing the top, left side and bottom to the cover leaving the right side free to accept the flap to hold it closed securely.

This pamphlet  does require some stitching but it is a simple stitch, with just three holes. Basically I poked three holes evenly apart through both the pamphlet spine and inside papers. I used a clip to hold the papers to the cover in the right place to make sure that nothing slipped while I was making the holes.
The Stitching:
From outside the cover,

1.) insert your needle which has been threaded with your cording of choice into the middle hole leaving a tail on the outside as this will hold some beads after you are done with the stitching.  Be sure to poke all the way through to you’re the center of your folded pages securing them in place

2.)  Go out to the outside of the top hole with your needle and down to the outside of the bottom hole.

3. ) From the inside,  thread out through the center hole again, making sure that the thread goes out on the opposite  side of the tail you left before. You will have two ends with the main thread you sewed on the outside sandwiched in-between. Tie both tails together close to the spine of the pamphlet  and attach beads or charms if desired.

Materials List:
Celestial Goddess Montage Digital Stamp Design by CS Designs
Blue and Avocado Cardstock
Patterned Paper
Avocado Embroidery Floss
Assorted beads and Sewing Needle
White Printer Paper
Glue, Prismacolor Pencils, Odorless Turpentine, Paper Stumps

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