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Edgar Allan Poe Grunge Board Book

Edgar Allan Poe Gothic Digital Stamp Design
Edgar Allan Poe Gothic Digital Stamp Design
By Chris / CS Designs
Although most of my art is quite flamboyant and colorful, I can’t resist a little grunge now and then. This is yet another book made from pieces of a Child’s Board Book. The main focal point as well as other element on the inside pages are from my Edgar Allan Poe Digital Stamp Design. 

Edgar Allan Poe Gothic Digital Stamp Design
There is no coloring to any of the images as I wanted the pages themselves be the canvas for this project.  One of the things I discovered I liked about the Board Books is that they are thick enough to create cut-outs.

 Although the pages were quite thick, it was easy to cut them because I use a pointed scalpel which is very sharp. Unlike my previous altered board books where I separated the individual pages for use as covers, I left three pages in tack and they became the entire book. Like my other altered board books, I removed the glossy pictures and left only the raw cardboard. I then coated the entire surface with acrylic paint to ensure whatever else I applied to it would stick well.

 I used Modge Podge to adhere torn pieces of old book pages to every surface. When it was dry, I brushed on different combinations of acrylic paint leaving some of the text showing through.
In-between, I even did a little sanding with an emery board to distress it a little. I also added gold pen around the edges of the cover and inside pages. This is one of those projects where neatness doesn’t count and for a change, I rather enjoyed being sloppy.

Edgar Allan Poe Gothic Digital Stamp Design

This book like many of my other pieces, contains pieces of scrolled wire. Because the pages were rather thick and I did not want unwanted pieces showing through the other side, I tested the back off  a brad that looked like a metal screw head for the front cover. I attached said brad with Crystal Accents.  The cogs, on the inside pages are a nice find from a rare trip to Michaels. When I saw them, I though they would be cool for something although I didn’t know what at the time, now I think they were meant for this book.

Edgar Allan Poe Gothic Digital Stamp DesignEdgar Allan Poe Gothic Digital Stamp DesignMaterials List:
Edgar Allan Poe Digital  Stamp Design by CS Designs
Child’s Board Book
Gesso, Acrylic Paint, Gold Pen
Torn Book Pages, Modge Podge
Cardstock, 22 gauge wire
 Brads or other embellishments
Scalpel, Cutting Tools and Adhesives

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  1. This is right up my street Chris. Love the background and the image is fabulous.



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