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Fabulous Finds & 2nd Hand Books

By Chris / CS Designs

I though you might like to see just some of the books I purchased at the 2nd hand book sale I mentioned on the front page of this months issue of the Ezine.

I purchased three very similar books as the one shown in the first photo on the left. They individual books are from the time periods, 1870-1900, 1900-1910, 1910,1920 and all three are full of old photos advertisements, starlets of the silver screen, and other unique materials from each time period.

The second photo on the left is also a series of three books and these contains page after page of the most wonderful Asian Art.

The open book shown in the photo is my favorite of the three Asian books and it contains all the beautiful and well know  Geisha paintings from ancient Japan. 

The Time History collections are hardbacks and they cost only 2 dollars each while the  Asian ones are soft cover and only cost a dollar each. To say that I was in 7th Heaven when I found these is an understatement.

Something else you don't usually find at these types of sales are really old books.

The photos below are of an old English and French Dialogues (translation) which carries a date of 1896.

 I have other similar old books which I have been lucky enough to find, and one in particular that I really love is one of  James Eliot's Silas Marner dated 1929.
 The photos shown on this page are just some of the wonderful books I purchased at this years sale, I also purchased some wonderful books on Art,  Music, Photography, Gardening as well as some Children's board,, some of which I have already altered and included in this issue.
I have so many more board books to create with and hope to show off a new creation here from timet to time. The only books I intend to tear apart and use for art projects are the Children's books, the rest are far to beautiful and rare and they will join the rest of my collection which line some of the shelves of my Art Room.

I hope you enjoyed viewing some of my fabulous finds. Besides the book sale, I also managed to visit the Salvation Army this month where I found a ton of old frames, a huge box of wooden dominoes, a box of thick poker chips, some jewelry, more board books, lots of cookie tins to distress and paint as well as some silverware which I plan to cut up and alter, but these will be projects for another day and another issue.

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  1. Wow, fantstic finds you got, never seen anything like that in a second hand store, will have to check out the books more closely! =) Looking forward to see what you will make of your treasures! =)
    Hugs Elenor

  2. I love shopping for old books. I have so many books, I need a library to store them all. I really like the books with the artwork in them. What beautiful images. :-)


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