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Good Luck Handmade Asian Book

By Chris / CS Designs
This is another  book I made 10 years ago and it is still one of my favorites because of the closure.

The Assembly:

The main focal point: The black piece on the front of the book was rubber stamped with gold pigment ink using an Asian stamp from Walmart. The black piece was also glued to a piece of mat board to give it some height and make for a stronger foundation to hold part of the closure assembly.  For the cover, I used 24 lb red printer paper which I splattered with black, white and gold watercolor paint. The base for the cover is made from three small pieces of Artist Mat board left over from framing watercolor paintings. The three pieces form the front and back cover as well as the spine of the book. The cover is assembled by laying and gluing the front, spine and back piece of mat board to the back of the splattered paper

The Closure Assembly:
I wanted something different as a closure for this book so I used gold elastic, one of my hand made paper beads and a wooden skewer.   Some parts of the closure had to be attached before and after the black piece that holds it in place. First I took two pieces of equal length gold elastic, folded them in the middle and tied a  knot a short distance from the end forming a loop on each elastic piece.  The ends without the loops were glued in place where the black was later to sit. I attached the paper bead to the front cover with a brass wire, tying it off of on inside the front cover. This does not show in the final book because it is covered by end pages and part of the book signatures (pages). To keep the book closed, the two elastic pieces go around the back of the book and slim over the ends of the wooden skewer.

The Pages: The pages inside the book are made from one long strip of cardstock which has been accordion folded . The individual pages were created by gluing the back of  one accordion page fold to that of an adjoining page to make it appear like individual pages in the book. This one is a little hard to describe so I have included some photos of the front, back and inside the book to hopefully give you a better idea of how the whole thing went together.

Materials List
Mat board for Covers
Long Strip of Cardstock for inner pages
Gold Elastic, Paper Bead and wooden skewer for closure
Splattered or decorative paper
Main focal point

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  1. Beautiful cover. Like the idea of the wood and bead closure.

    Annie x

  2. Okay, this is too cute. This would make a perfect wedding gift for a couple filled with scriptures or words of encouragement. :-)


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