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Handmade Books Coptic Stitch

By Chris / CS Designs
I made these books about 10 years ago and although they are quite simple to look at,  they probably took the most time to create of all the books I've made.

 The covers are all made of Mat board covered with Wall Paper.  I have about 50 wallpaper books and at one time I also use to cover handmade boxes with wallpaper. It comes in lots of pretty patterns and most of the time you can get them for free when they are discontinued.

The photo on the left shows the inside of  one of my books. They have several signatures which have been sewn together using the Coptic Stitch Method. 

Because this type of stitching it may not be of interest to beginners or those that want speedy results so I have not included instructions of these but hope you will enjoy seeing these books anyway. If after reading this issue you wold like to take your bookmaking a little further, there are lots in depth books on bookmaking and bookbinding. You can also find some quick tip videos on Youtube.

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  1. Wow, those are so cool. Wall paper, huh? What a creative idea. :-)


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