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Preparing Board Books for Altering

By Chris / CS Designs

Using the thick pages of Children's board books as the foundation for creating handmade books can save you alot of steps and give you lots more possibilities in creativity.

These books come in all shapes and sizes and some Board Books have only a few pages while others have quite a few like the little word book on the top left. Although I bough several board books at the same time, there were three identical to the one shown above and I have used parts of them to create some of the books in this issue. I don't know what it was about the particular book sale but that day I seemed to find everything in triplicate and these small books in particular were a great find.

To prepare the board for new life or lives as the case may be, I start by tearing all the glossy paper and sometimes spine backing from the original book/books. Although you can always do a little initial sanding on a book, tearing away the unnecessary top layer material gives a much cleaner look to the finished handmade book and it makes whatever papers and other material you plan to adhere to it stick much better..

Proably the best thing about Board Books is the thickness of the pages which allows you to cut out windows, alcoves, or nooks in your rejuvinated book. These windows or nooks can add some great interest to your book as you can use the cutouts to frame something special in your book or include 3d objects that may be too thick to fit in a regular book and still close properly. I used this method on the front cover of my Edgar Allan Poe mini book on the previous page but the windows or nooks can be cut out anywhere, as deep as needed and on any page or pages.

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  1. Excellent recycling idea


    Annie x

  2. I must head to my local thrift shop for books. Thanks for sharing how you made it. :-)


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