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Rubberstamped Wallpaper Handmade Book

By Chris / CS Designs
This was my very first handmade book and it is made from one very long strip of cardstock which I got as a castoff from my local printer. 

Many printers either sell cheaply or give away for free what they have left over from big printing jobs, so it's worth investigating in your local community  as it's a great way to add to your stash of paper..

The pages for this book were folded accordion style and then glued to connecting pages in the back. The Cover is simply a long strip of Wallpaper that has been folded and glued together to give it a little body.

The heart on the front is a piece of wood that has been carved in the shape of a heart and it has been sponged with several colors of pigment ink and then sprinkled with clear embossing powder and heated. 

To make a noticeable impression in the melted embossing powder, I coated a text  rubber stamp with gold pigment ink and then pressed it directly into the warm EP. Applying pigment to the stamp before pressing it into the warm EP will help it release and somewhat protect the stamp from the heat. Even though I have done this several times with different stamps, it is probably wise not to use a favorite stamp, just incase things should go eyrie.

The inside pages of the book where all coated with various colors of pigment ink using the direct to paper technique or sponging, then various images and elements were added to the individual pages.

I’m not really sure why, but I never finished this book and there are still several pages that could use a little self expression. Because I no longer rubberstamp and this book contains mostly rubber stamping, I have been hesitant to add anything more to this book, but it is one of a kind and perhaps it deserves to remain the way it is.

Materials Used:
Wall Paper, Scrap Printer Cast-off Card-stock Strip
Various Rubber Stamps
Pigment Ink, embellishments
Adhesives and Cutting Tools
Rubber Stamps

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  1. Beautiful images and colours Chris. The embellishments are quite stunning

    Annie x

  2. Very nicely done, Chris!


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