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Tall and Skinny Fan Fold Book

By Chris / CS Designs

Another simple book from my days as a rubber stamper.  The cover of the book is made from two pieces of mat board which have been covered with cardstock and then glued to end pages.

Like many of my other quick books, the pages are made from individual pieces of card stock that have been folded in half and then glued to other individual set of pages to form a sort of fan.  What I like about this method is that a book can have just a few pages or lots of pages, both with equaly nice results.

The closure for this book is simple velour fiber which has been attached by gluing part of it under the main focal point on the front cover. This is a very simple way to add a closure to your book and pretty much any kind of fiber or ribbon can be used. 

There is no materials list for this book becasue it is so simple and the photos pretty much tells the whole story.

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