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Wire And Bejeweled Bookmarks

Pink Handmade Wire Bookmark
Clear Crystal Handmade Wire Bookmark
Green Bead and Copper Wire Handmade Wire Bookmark

Silver and Pearls Handmade Wire Bookmark

By Chris / CS Designs
I am one of those people who gets easily board and my art often reflects this need for something different. I decided to take a break from my usual digital designs, paper and mixed media art and created these Metal Bookmarks for my daughter who loves books and is also very creative and artistic in her own right.  She has always been one of those individuals who can accomplish anything she sets her mind to, and currently she is the Arts Editor for  one of the Vancouver Island Newspapers, and also creates the most amazing Soapstone Carvings and Silver Jewellery.  (You Rock Sweetie)

The wire bookmarks are very close in the method used as the other wire elements I use in my other art and featured in the December Issue of the Ezine. There is not really much to them but they are quite pretty and great fun to make. For the ones on this page, I used 22 gauge wire in various colors, beads, charms, rhinestones and pearls. The left side of the bookmark hangs over the side or slightly in front of a closed book to mark your place while the part on the righ fits inside close to the spine of the book.

I really enjoyed creating these and I'm really looking forward to creating more.

Materials List for Handmade Wire Bookmarks:
22 Gauge Wire in different Colors
Wire cutters, and Jewelry Plyers
Beads, Buttons and Bangles
You will find more about creating wire elements for your art projects in the January Issue. The link is meant to open in another window or browser tab so you can continue to read the current issue

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  1. Beautiful bookmarks you made, such a great idea and so perfect if you want to make something personal for someone! =)
    I wish I was home with my wire and pearls now! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  2. What a beautiful gift idea


  3. Really like these. Great gift ideas. :-)


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