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Future Projects ... By Chris / CS Designs

I though I would show you just some of the things I have been saving for future projects.

I have been saving  some of these things for a good long while and think they have lots of possibilities.

Some of the things among this bit of recycled clutter are things like wooden dominoes, sardine cans which I have painted, one of several jars filled with juice lids, fancy wooden toothpicks, poker chips and even some puzzle pieces. I am just showing you the small batch not the humongous pile of stuff I have stashed in a large drawer in my art room. I bet my Hubby is also wondering when if ever I am going to use all those darn sardine cans I am always beg him to save for me. 

I probably have about 2 dozen sardine cans alone, but I hide them well so no one will know I am such a pack rat, but I bet people might already know this about me. So far I have only altered one sardine can, but I loved doing and have in mind to create lost more. The one have made has a Steampunk theme and it is one of my favorite pieces, I do try to keep some of my favorite projects and you can find a photo as well as a little write up on my Steampunk Sardine Can here.

You've Got Mail ... Yippie!
This week was a great mail week for me and I am so excited about the new toys I just received.

Although I do love my Prismacolor pencils, I have been wanting to try alcohol ink pens for some time now and finally bit the bullet. I purchased some Spectrum Noir brand  alcohol pens which are suppose to contain the same kind of ink as Copic markers but at a much more affordable price. 

I purchased these pens from an  online store called Paper Gourmet owned by Tammy Burton. Tammy was both helpful and very quick in sending my order. When I received my markers there were a few that were dry which I have heard can happen, but Tammy was kind enough to give me the  number for the Crafters Companion who is the main distriubter in North America and handles problems such a this.  Their Customer Service was fantastic and they are sending me some new ones as replacements for those that did not work properly.

All in all I was very pleased by both these companies and would definitely purchase and deal with them again.

I hope you enjoyed having a look at this issue and will come back and see what I do with the rest of these things.

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  1. These pens are great to work with!

  2. Getting a giggle about your stash. I've got some crazy stuff too that's taking up some mega space. I aslways think "I'll bet I can make something with that", but...) LOL xxD


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