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An Expressive and Innovative Mixed Media Art Ezine for Paper Crafters, Collage and Assemblage Artists

About Art With No Boundaries Ezine

Art With No Boundaries / About & How it's Published

The Art With No Boundaries is a  monthly Ezine owned and published by Chris Stern of CS Designs. Because this site is a blog there are certain things that hinder easy editing of large amounts of posts or pages without the rest of the web being privy to it, so each issue is actually built on a private blog and then the whole thing is moved over to the Art With No Boundaries blog.

Since each issue is built on another blog, all the links need to be changed before going live which takes some time, so at the end of every month and before the new issue goes live online the Art With No Boundaries blog may not be accessible to the public for a short period of time.  Even though I will try my best to have everything perfect on the first run, things may not function exactly as planned and I hope you will forgive any inconvenience.

 A new issue will be available at the beginning of every month.

With Your Permission
Please note, by submitting material to our Art With No Boundaries Ezine, you acknowledge that you are the Original Creator, Owner and Copyright Holder of all material and content you submit to us and that you are giving us perceptual permission to display and link to your projects or submitted content on this blog and other blogs owned by Chris Stern / CS Designs, present or future. You will retain all other copyrights to your content and will always receive proper credit for your work and when possible a link back to your own site or blog. 

Copyright Notice. All material on this blog whether it be Art, Templates, Photos, Videos, Recipes or Text, is the property of either Chris Stern / CS Designs, Guest Artists, Content Contributes or Individual Submitters and it may not be copied our used in any manner whatsoever or uploaded or used on any other website without the written permission of the original creators.  All content on this site carries with it All Rights Reserved.
Pinterest: Art With No Boundaries Online Magazine is a No Copy Zone and nothing on this site / blog should be pinned to Pinterest or similar communities.

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