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AWNB Applying for Guest Artist

Guest Artist and  Guest Contributing Authors, are chosen either by special invitation or by Application.

To Apply, as a Guest Artist or Contributing Author, you must send us the following information.

Your Name
Your Email Address
The Name and Link to your site or blog

3 examples of your best Art work if you plan to contribute something like a mini tutorial
A list of your accomplishments, and any other publications your work has been featured in.
A small write up about yourself, your Artistic Interests, and what subjects you intend to write about or share with our readers.

Being accepted as a Guest Artist or Guest Contributing Author is a two step process.
Once accepted as a possible Guest Contributor we will need the following from you:

If you are submitting either a project or an article to us part of which will also be appearing on your own site or blog as a follow up, we ask that you please included a complete copy of any and all content you plan to include in our magazine and your blog. All content and material should be complete and precise with no variations after the fact. We will also require a direct link to this article or post

If accepted as a Guest Artist or Contributing Author, you will be required to use only designs and templates by CS Designs as the main focal point of whatever content you create for your Guest Position. If you  have not previously purchased any Digital Stamp Designs or Templates by CS Designs you will be sent some designs which you can use to create pieces for your Guest article or articles.

Using materials from other Companies. If your project is not made entirely with designs by CS Designs, they may still be accepted for publication but under the following guidelines:

Projects may include other materials such as papers, inks, punches and other products etc and while these items may be mentioned in your materials list, they should be companies that do not require any other mention, promotion or a link back to their blog or company. .

Important Notice: Art With No Boundaries is owned by Chris Stern of  CS Designs which is a Digital Stamp Company and our Ezine is not the place to promote other companies or challenges of which you are a part of, own, or are a team member of and we ask that you please respect this. Anyone found violating these guidelines will have their content removed from our publication and not be accepted for any publications in the future.

 If accepted as a Guest Artist or Contribute, you will also be sent a special logo to display on your sidebar.

Giving Credit where Credit is Due.
You must give credit for any designs you use from CS Designs and include a working link back to the main page of the CS Designs Online store.  Credit must be given on the same page or post as the project you create, and this includes on your own blog, but to other online galleries or communities.

The Guest Artist and Contributor is available on a return basis. If we enjoy your work and enjoy working with you, you will be invited to or can request to return for future issues.

For information on our Terms of use and how we plan to use the material accepted to Art With No Boundaries, please read our Art With No Boundaries Terms of Use.

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